Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Zeld, Thor and I got the hell out of starbux, faster than lightning today. i guess Zelda really does know what she's doing when she has that black apron of truth on. Yeah and Stephen came in today, with seven jeans on which was hot. i haven't seen him in a while. cough cough GAY cough cough. but he's so cute. eh whateverSmoked a stoge with Penny Flame on the deck at my store before i went to climb the mountain. i ended up not even climbing, and getting some arrunds run with moms. she's cool i like her. what up? whats up? Oh yes so Claire, Quinn, and John. funny times. i tried to befriend John a bazillion years ago, on some form of networking service, and he never responded. i didn't sweat it and continued with life. now he comes to starbucks, and i'm invited to his birthday party on wednesday at Quinn's house. Curious? CLaire and Quinn are up to some evil scheme to hook us up. in all honesty, i don't really want to be hooked up with anyone. its never been my favorite way of getting to know people. he's cute but i'm just not game. i am going to go to his birthday party though, bring him a bottle of somethin. i'd like to know him and quinn. I'd also like to friggin hang out with claire. we've been trying to work that one out for a while and it hasn't happened. my last two attempts were weak. bad timing. the first try was killed by rain. it'll happen though. On that, the first time i met Claire was around 3 or 4 years ago at drum circle. we had a pipe that we wanted to pass and no lighter. then there was claire. she had a ligher. she was invited to smoke. its funny because i remember the event, and i remember it happening, but i didn't think i'd ever run into "lighter girl" again. next thing you know, you're working at starbucks, and she comes in, and remembers you, and what you looked like. what a memmory, go claire! yeah i hadn't even thought about it until she came back into my life. of course, i was high when we met. i was also with jordan, who i am hanging out with on tuesday night. he came into starbucks the night before last. i hadn't seen him in a while, but i called him on his birthday, I might get him a Jacob Watch or just free porn on a cd ahha. Now we's gonna hang out. good times.